My name is Michael Klich. I am a music video and stage director, born and raised in Berlin, Germany
Here are some facts about me, my work and skills.

Over the last few years, I have been working as a live event director for international opening receptions and award shows. So I´m quite familiar with the pressure of leading a huge team, having exactly one attempt to succeed, and communicating with the clients at the same time.

I worked as an acting coach from 2002 to 2010. One of my first intentions is to relax actors and models and guide them to an authentic, strong performance in a short time.
Since I am a child of two clowns and was a professional circus artist in my early twenties,
I know a lot about physical action, stunts, and the craft of comedy timing.

I love to work with children
and have been teaching acrobatics to little kids every day since 2004.
Over the years, I have been staging two dozen acrobatic shows with more than forty kids.

I´m skilled in After Effects and Cinema 4D, and I know more than just the basics of  the digital post-production process, greenbox shots and editing. This makes me capable to do motion graphics, CGI and compositing for smaller projects like music videos.

Michael Klich